Mark Miloscia is working to cut taxes for families and small businesses. Property taxes and car tab fees are too high and need to be reduced. Working families need tax relief that can be paid for with our state budget surpluses. Mark has consistently voted for balanced budgets with no general tax increases.

Open Government

Mark Miloscia is the state’s leader on open government and accountability. This year he bucked leadership in both parties and fought to defeat efforts to hide legislative records from the public. He’s been honored by the Washington Coalition for Open Government for his principled and independent leadership on efforts to make state government more accessible and accountable to citizens.

Fighting for Women

Mark Miloscia voted for historic Pay Equity and Family Leave legislation and has worked to establish strong protections for victims of domestic violence. He has also worked to establish and expand Fusion-- a local shelter for homeless women and their children.


Mark Miloscia is a leader in fully funding education and returning our state’s schools to the top priority in the state budget. He has helped bring billions more dollars into K-12 and cut college tuition at state colleges universities and technical schools.

Working to Improve Lives

Mark Miloscia believes our first duty is to help the poor and the most vulnerable among us. He has worked to support shelters and alternative housing for the homeless and to expand and improve treatment options for those addicted to drugs. He is a strong critic of the dysfunctional policies that have failed to help those in need and that only grow bureaucracy at the expense of those they claim to be serving. He has championed efforts to ban dangerous heroin injection sites in our local communities and is working, instead, to help get those addicted to drugs the help they truly need to improve their lives and free them from the scourge of addiction.

Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

Seattle’s disastrous policies are impacting our local communities and Mark is working to protect neighborhoods from an expansion of drugs, crime and homelessness—while working to help those who need it most. Our community deserves effective, bipartisan solutions rather than expensive, ineffective ideas like those promoted by Seattle.


Mark has consistently worked on bipartisan solutions to make things better for those he represents. He believes in the strength and diversity of our community and knows that, working together, we can find collaborative, effective solutions that work for all citizens.

Issues & Endorsements